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Mixing FAQs...

WHAT is mixing?

Mixing is the most crucial step in process of song development. Mixing with us involves taking the elements within a song and making adjustments to blend them together in a more refined harmony for sonic cohesiveness. At ATL Sound Studio, we feel it's important for the lead vocals to shine while enhancing the instruments to be heard in a way that you can truly feel. The song should breathe, have quality dynamics and sound clear.

Note: Sometimes songs need vocal tuning or instrument alignment - these are most often changes made during the "tracking" or recording process are not addressed during mixing. Please be advised.


If you've ever recorded a song and left the studio feeling that it just doesn't sound right, then it could probably use some better mixing. As long as you have the multitracks (the individual vocal and/or instrument tracks that make up the song), we can take your song, analyze it and improve it to bring a more balanced level of zen to your music.

We've got the software and expertise to bring the best out of your sound to make it more brilliant and captivating! We use Pro Tools and experience to help accomplish this. If you plan on getting your song mastered, make sure it's mixed well first!


  1. Once you send us your audio multitracks, we analyze each vocal and/or instrument track (or just the vocals if sending a singular stereo mix of the music) and seek to improve them in the following areas:
    • Balance to keep instruments or vocals from fighting with one another
    • Panning to place sounds in the right space and add movement throughout the stereo mix
    • Equalizing the frequency range to keep the lows low, add brilliance to the highs, and give your song clarity
    • Dimension by adding width or depth to a track with reverb, delay, and other effects to spruce up your song
    • Dynamic improvement by adding compression or excitement where needed to focus the energy
  2. Once ready (typically within 72 hours), you will receive a 1-2 minute review clip of your mixed song as well as an invoice via PayPal.
  3. Once payment is confirmed, the full stereo version of the mix (.wav & .mp3) will be delivered to you within 24 hours online via WeTransfer, along with any other add-ons you had requested.

Important! ALL MIXES ARE BOUNCED AT PRE-MASTERING METER LEVELS. This is to allow about 5dB of headroom for song mastering - the final stage of song development where polish is added to you mix to make sure it is comparable to commercial releases in both loudness and quality Mastering is priced separately - learn more at our Mastering page.


In order for us to work our magic on your song, we need the .wav file multitracks - the individual audio tracks within your session (from beginning to end of the song to keep your arrangement). Have your recording engineer keep the files as "dry" as possible, meaning little to no effects (of course if you are using a unique plug-in that you absolutely want to keep on the track, like Auto-Tune, keep it on the bounce).

Disclaimer: Please do not send program files, like Pro Tools session folders, as not all studios or programs have the same plugins, or even the same compatibility.



Master Your Sound

Give your music a BIG sound for a small price.

Add polish to your mix and make sure it’s loudness and quality rival today’s hits!

Mastering FAQs...


The average music listener may not know what digital audio mastering is exactly, but they'll sure be able to tell the difference between a track that has been mastered, and one that hasn't. Without having your music mastered, you run the risk of fans and/or industry professionals not taking you seriously. For most of us artists and musicians, our music is our baby... make sure it sounds it's best before you deliver it to the world to hear!

Who is mastering for?

Digital mastering is ideal for those who want to make their music sound it's absolute best - to add that extra magic to it, elevate the volume to industry standards without sonic distortion or peaks, and give it a more robust and exciting quality of sound! After you have your songs mixed properly, getting your album, EP or demo mastered is the right choice prior to making it available for digital download, CD duplication or online. So whether you're the artist, producer, manager or mixing engineer, getting music mastered is right for you.

It takes Pro Tools, pro experience, and other mastering software to accomplish this ...and we've got what it takes at ATL Sound Studio to get the job done right!


  1. All audio is evaluated for opportunities of sonic improvement. We work our magic using the tools necessary to bring your songs to their fullest potential, focusing on the following areas:
    • Equalization (both standard EQ and dynamic EQ) to make sure the highs, mids and lows sound right
    • Tonal Balance to be even more pricise and ensure your EQ curve hits industry standards for spectral balance
    • Loudness targeting at -12 LUFS to make sure your sound is loud, yet still clear of distortion and within range of streaming standards
    • Dynamic Control to tame wild dynamics and improve the energy of your sound, when needed
  2. Once ready (typically within 48 hours), you will receive 3 different 1-minute mp3 master review clips - and you decide the mastering option you like the most!
  3. Once you notify us of your choice and share details for the songs metadata, we will complete the mastered .wav & .mp3 files and send you an invoice for the work via PayPal.
  4. Once payment is confirmed, the mastered songs will be delivered within 24 hours online via WeTransfer.

Notice: Each song will be at a 44.1 khz sample rate and a 16 bit sample size while the .mp3 will be encoded with an constant bit rate of 256kbps. All songs are mastered for streaming, CD mastering can be done upon initial request only. We can also provide AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless or AAC formats upon request.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we can only work with what audio you've provided us and that some errors may be unrepairable, such as distortion or skips.

What to send us

In order for us to work our magic on your song, the song(s) to be mastered should each be sent to us in a single stereo audio file (preferably .wav, but .mp3 or .m4a is acceptable). If you have the capability to control the output of the mix, we recommend to NOT apply a limiter to the overall mix and keep the peak below -5dB so that there is plenty of headroom for the mastering.

If you have a popular song that you love the way it sounds and you'd like us to reference that during the mastering process to aim for similar dynamics and EQ, include that as well (in .wav, .mp3 or .m4a format only).

From there, we'll work our magic. The good news is, you don't pay until you hear the results for yourself! NOTE: Please do not send us multitracks or stems. Songs should be fully mixed prior to mastering.


About ATL Sound Studio

Established in 2008, this studio's services are backed by more than 10 years of combined studio engineering and music production experience. Starting as a recording and mixing studio and later adding mastering to the services line-up, this studio was created to help the up-and-comer, the underground hitmaker and the everyday musician enhance and improve their sound before delivering it to the masses. We do this at an affordable price so that you can get the quality of big label sounds within your budget. Now we focus our efforts on the post-production services of mixing and mastering.

Owned and operated by our sound engineer, Paul William, his experience shines through giving each client a high level quality of sound, plus creative input when needed. He started his career in the late 1990's as a hip-hop recording artist. After recording his demo and starting on his first LP, he began to concentrate on his surroundings (i.e. recording, mixing and crafting beats) - deciding to dedicate most of his time to learning the ins and outs of being a sound engineer and producer.  

After taking much time to hone and perfect his talents, he started to engineer for other aspiring artists... and the rest, as they say, is history. He has had his hand in several projects as a recording artist, producer, and sound engineer over the years, and he continues his career as a recording artist, in addition to taking the experience he's gained to provide high quality mixes and masters for artists and musicians all around the world!

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★★★★★ "Great Service! Best recording studio I have been too in Atlanta!" - Parodic Bros via Google

★★★★★ "If you want that professional sound and quality.This is the right place with a very skillful engineer, who understands the art of music cohesiveness....I'm very thankful for what they've done to my album." - Bradshaw Deen via Facebook

★★★★★ "I was very impressed with the overall quality and speed in which Paul handled my project. He is very knowledgeable, and his prices for studio time are pretty good to. If you need to complete a project look no further." - Keith F. via Yelp

★★★★★ "Excellent studio with a professional and friendly atmosphere.. Careful if you go in after me though cause the mic might still be hot" - Brandon McCoy aka Firekracker via Facebook

"I will be sending more work your way salute for bless me with that Master!!" - Dangero aka Rodney Strong (@HBEGANG) via Twitter

"ATLSoundStudio forever thankful for the work you do for my projects!!" - Ty Legacy (@iamtylegacy) via Twitter

"My guy @ATLSoundStudio does my tracks right fam. Holla at him." - Vision (@visionrap28) via Twitter


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